Everyone should have the right to receive a quality education in accordance with the best international standards, regardless of their family income , country of origin, religion and other factors. The current educational system does not always provide this. Children from more affluent countries initially have more opportunities for learning and self-development. Globalization of the world leads to greater stratification of people in terms of income and access to education ( “golden billion” and the rest of the world). Even in developed countries there is a significant difference between central and peripheral schools. Schools of the poorest countries in the world often do not even have textbooks, not to mention modern teaching aids. Uneducated and lumpenized young people are the main source for terrorist organizations and criminal elements and, in turn, are unable to give their children a decent education.

The proposed UniGlobalSchool Project aims to improve the efficiency of educational activities and give the following opportunities:

– Creation of a globally accessible network of teachers, pupils and their parents;

– Providing conditions to bring the educational system in all countries of the world to the best standards;

– Raising the teachers’ qualification level around the world;

– Giving any student and teacher an access to the best proven textbooks, other teaching and learning materials;

– Copyright protection of educational and instructional materials, and ensuring the authors in getting a decent reward for their labor;

– Developing new teaching and instructional methods, techniques, and educational programs.