The world has yet to see a specialized educational project or a social network that will provide a high level of communication between teachers and students, as well as unfettered access to educational materials, with the protection of the intellectual property of the authors of such materials. The creation of such a network is only possible with the close cooperation of teachers in the broadest sense, given that these conditions are crucial for such a resource to be considered professional and presentable.

Educational materials, including textbooks and methodological books are presented on the individual websites of the educational systems of each country, or in online libraries. As a rule, these materials are digital versions of “paper” textbooks. They maintain the same shortcomings as the printed textbooks, and are not adapted for simplified learning through modern technologies. These digital versions are intractably copied and distributed, which is the reason why teachers and developers are not interested in establishing free access to learning materials – their intellectual rights are not protected.

An organic, well-integrated system of education, coupled with our proposed system of disseminating learning materials presented on our portal will ensure the creation of effective learning materials with the use of modern technologies along with an efficient system of protection for intellectual rights. Every user will have the opportunity to get an up-to-date version of educational materials, whose quality and effectiveness will be constantly monitored, so that the project’s users will be interested in downloading the latest versions of learning materials. The developers of learning materials will be interested in the creation of the efficient product that is in demand, interesting to users, and is created with the input of both ordinary users and experts. A reward system will allow for the effort and expenditures used dedicated to the creation of these learning materials to be compensated fairly and effectively

This project is of great importance, and will give the opportunity for teachers all over the globe to develop professionally. The creation of the finest educational materials with the help of modern technologies in developed countries will allow teachers to focus on methodological work and control of the learning process, so that better conditions for students’ learning can be formed. Teachers from different parts of the world will have free access to time-tested and effective educational materials and cannel their efforts into their further improvement and adaptation to the given national system of education. This kind of approach will allow national systems of education to effectively conform to world standards.

Both ordinary users and professionals of different countries will be able to participate in the creation of effective educational materials. The main criterion for the development of these educational materials will be the high quality and efficiency of the product in conformity with the wishes and feedback of users, as well as the ease of taking in new information, regardless of which country this information originates from or how closely it fits the operatives of the education system. A great range of people can take part in the creation of these materials, from someone inexperienced in the education sphere, to someone familiar with modern technologies, to even a student or young adult from any country. To ensure an effective screening of such materials, an anonymized testing process of the newly-developed materials can be conducted by experts in this field.