In the first phase of the program, our goal is to present the UniGlobalSchool project to the public and form a team of professionals in different countries who are ready to participate in the project. It will be achieved through participation in international conferences and forums. National organizing committees will be formed  in the countries that are ready for the implementation of the project. These committees will be formed from active enthusiasts in close coordination with the national associations of teachers. The main features of the interface and functions of the system, as well as the criteria for selecting the learning materials, will be formulated on the basis of discussions and debates. The chosen materials will be stored on project servers. The organizational principles of the national committees and the controlling structures of the project will be developed, too. Rules of access to the information and the distribution of the project resources, and other fundamental project documents  will be determined. Other countries will be able to join the project in stages, as soon as their national organizational committees are ready.

Simultaneously, the search of organizations/groups and individuals willing to financially support the project will be conducted. (0 – 6 months.)

After the formation of the initial investment fund, the main stage of the project will begin. The software and server database for storing information will be created.  The project management system on the national and international level will be formed. The system of cooperation with national authorities of the educational systems will be organized.

After these organizational and preparatory stages, the starting phase of the project begins. Firstly, the trial  teaching materials in the major languages on chosen subjects ( such as physics, chemistry, biology, etc.) will be saved on servers. The necessary changes to the system will be made after preliminary testing by  professionals and collection of comments and suggestions from the experts ( 7- 12 months.).

At this point, the main phase of the project begins. The system will be constantly modified and adapted with the suggestions of users. Initial learning materials will be developed on the base of existing textbooks.  The next generation of educational resources will be created with the recommendations of professionals and users’ wishes  using the latest technologies.

The use of video, animation, professional audio-materials, computer simulation and other digital technologies, will help to create interesting lessons, that would effectively present information and replace the practical demonstration of experiments (for chemistry, physics, biology, astronomy, etc.)