Our Project


 What do we offer?

We propose to develop a global integrated software-based platform, aimed at developing pupil’s personality and their interaction with peers and teacher.

This international project will consolidate the educational systems of different countries, while maintaining the independence and autonomy of each country. The project will set up the conditions for creating high-quality modern educational materials and textbooks, their free use for education and creative development worldwide, while staying strict and independent in their expert evaluation. The project will offer a mechanism for protecting copyrights and providing fair compensation for efforts spent on developing educational materials.

The project will encourage better communication between pupils, teachers, parents, and other people close to the field of education.

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What are we expecting from the project?

The project’s implementation will make it possible:

– to support a significant improvement in the level of basic education worldwide;

– to open the creative potential of teachers for the development of modern teaching methods;

– to create widespread opportunities for self-education;

– to provide enhanced opportunities for learning of foreign languages;

– to secure funding for the provision of educational activities and encouragement of the development of new educational materials, etc.

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How do we propose to implement the project?

The project can be implemented only with close cooperation and interaction in the educational community all over the world, with the financial support of sponsors and interested organizations.

Our project is adaptable, and can be modified in one way or another in the process of its implementation on the basis of experts’ opinion and changes in the global world.

The main stages of project implementation are as follows:

  1. A professional expert assessment of the project idea by the educational community all over the world. A search of partners and followers who are ready to participate in the project.
  2. The formulation of the main technical and organizational requirements for the project on the basis of comments and proposals of professionals from around the world. A search for potential sponsors of the project. Formulation of tasks and stages of practical implementation of the project. Formation of a commercial organization (company) which will be engaged in carrying out the practical activity for project implementation.
  3. Implementation of the technical part of the project. Development of experimental models and its limited testing within the existing educational models. The project corrections based on feedback and the wishes of users.
  4. The development of the first version of the project (UniGlobalSchool) and its realization by major countries- participants of the project in a limited number of academic disciplines. Simultaneously, each country forms a national server and mirrors for storage of the national part of the information.
  5. The development of the project. Technical implementation of the full-functioning version of the project. Modification of information with adjustments based on the wishes and opinions of users. Expanding the list of countries joined to the project.


Why is our project beneficial everywhere?
Our project relates to the so-called win-win projects, its implementation will be valuable for all people.

The students will get advanced educational platform with the broadest capabilities for communication,  learning foreign languages, open and free access to the most advanced educational materials, modern and effective programmes for education and self-development.

The developers of educational materials and programmes will get a deserved compensation for their efforts, spent on  designing. Then, they could  use it for the development of even more perfect teaching materials.

The teachers will get the global information environment, international platforms for the evaluation and testing of teaching materials, modern programmes and teaching materials for the educational process.  The teachers will receive more opportunities for their professional growth, using the best educational practices developed by other members of the project.

The parents  and relatives of the students will receive enhanced opportunities for online monitoring of the educational  progress of their children, better opportunities for assistance in the organization of educational process.

The professional organization of educators  will receive the necessary funding for the school procurement and  stimulation of the best teachers, aid pension plans for distinguished teachers, etc.

The state structures and public organizations related to educational process will receive more opportunities for the interaction with schools and educational institutions.

We have ideas for the further development of the project. Its future development will be defined after the realization of the main initial phases of the project.